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Welcome to Okeanidy’s BLOG.

Our mission is to search and share information about the latest improvements in Ship design and Shipbuilding.

We will follow with special interest the development of the Shipbuilding “Industry 4.0“: Internet of Things, Modelling and Simulation, Big Data and Analytics, Autonomous vehicles, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, New Materials, 3D Printing, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Digital Platform and  Cloud Computing.

And please, do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions:

Ship’s dashboard, Control Tower and Fleet Management.

Ship's dashboards and fleet management
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All the information of the project documents in the palm of your hand with a simple QR code reading APP

Production information in the palm of your hand with an APP QR Code reader
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Machinery & Outfitting: FORAN Drawings optimization by using plugins

Taylored plugings for Machinery & Outfitting drawing jobs, based on the 3D model and data base from FORAN, and developed...
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Hull Structure: FORAN Drawing optimization by using plugins from Autocad like program and automatizations

Hull-drawing-optimization by means of tailored commands based on the 3D model and data base of FORAN,,and executed from AUTOCAD (AutoDesk)...
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