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Welcome to Okeanidy’s Management Systems BLOG.

We will be pleased to share information about the latest improvements in Management Systems, specially those oriented to the shipbuilding industry, Fleet management and latest improvements in the area of the “Industry 4.0“: Internet of Things, Modelling and Simulation, Big Data and Analytics, Autonomous vehicles, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, New Materials, 3D Printing, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Digital Platform and  Cloud Computing.

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Ship’s dashboard, Control Tower and Fleet Management.

Ship's dashboards and fleet management
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All the information of the project documents in the palm of your hand with a simple QR code reading APP

Production information in the palm of your hand with an APP QR Code reader
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Fleet Management System

Ship at the shipyard The maintenance of the fleet is of key importance in the business of shipping due to...
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Production Management

Shipyard Production Management" is very relevant in the shipbuilding industry due to the evolution and complexity of the equipments installed...
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