Machinery & Outfitting: FORAN Drawings optimization by using plugins

December 1, 2020

In the present post we will review some interesting plugins developed for AUTOCAD (AutoDesk) or similar 2D CAD programs that will optimise the generation process of classification drawins of Machinery & Outfitting generated from the 3D model and the data base of FORAN.

The following Plugins would save up to 50% of the time compared whit the previos standard procedure.

In the following videos, the 2D cad selected was GStarCAD and in accordance with the developers, it will be the same or similar with any other 2D cad included of course AutoCad.
Getting the sections drawings from the 3D CAD application FORAN

First step is to generate the 3d model using FORAN Fdesign module, and generate its sections, then the drawing is imported in the AutoCad or similar 2D CAD application with the special plugin, a regeneration process will take place were the colours, layers and linet ypes will be apply automatically in accordance with a set of rules. for example all the structure will be shown in grey colour, pipes in blue and equipment in white, following the design office standars procedures.
Easy labelling insertion with any kind of pattern

The labelling process has been simplify by means of a special command reducing the clicks to the minimum with the accurate representation of any standardisation (DIN, ASA, GOST, etc.).
Automatic insertion of drawing’s templates,

The frames or templates of a set of drawings will be inserted automatically including relevant information related with the drawings: date, user, revision, estatus, …
attributes directly retrieve from the database .

Additional information could also be inserted in order to be included in the bill of materials BOM.

Review and control of any item from the drawing with the spools
The BOM derived from the content of the drawing .

The BOM derived from the content of the drawing is generated automatically for all zone or system and a special menu is generated with the drawing’s coordinates for an easy tracking of any item
Automatic PDF booklet.

With a single click, all the Zone or System drawings will be stored in a PDF booklet.
Automatic PDF booklet of a Zone or System.

The command will package all the Spools of a Zone or System and will prepare a booklet.